Winners of the award for the best tech startup founders outside the major hubs are announced

Winners of the award for women founders of IT startups are announced

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Recruitment for coaches for the Supernovas project has begun

Educational Labs of the Alternativa film project open for submissions

Student laboratories are recruiting for the new season

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International film awards and training labs are now receiving applications

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We are driving change in communities by empowering people

Our mission is challenging injustice to make the world a fairer place for 1bn+ people by 2030

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To maximize our positive impact, we created a hub called inVision

inVision challenges the unjust allocation of resources in education, creative industries, startups and sports by supporting unprivileged groups in these areas


Knowledge should not be an exclusive and expensive privilege for the few - instead it should be available for the many. Our answer is to make education more accessible for undeveloped countries and communities

A program that inspires young people to become change leaders who will build a more sustainable, inclusive and just world

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Provides free undergraduate education to students from all backgrounds.

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Helping students in developing countries enter the worlds's top universities

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A student laboratory using a challenge-based learning framework to solve socially significant problems

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The startup world began as an opportunity hub, but has become elitist, glamorous, and, as a result, inaccessible to new blood. It is not fair for your location or even gender to stand as barriers in launching a tech startup. We are here to change that

A prize for women founders of IT startups that have had the most notable impacts on the development of the world

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An international prize for the best tech startup founders outside of the big hubs or startup communities

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Сreative industries

The global art and filmmaking scene is led by the most powerful markets and is not as diverse, fair, and welcoming to creators from underserved countries. There is a lack of relevant education and low visibility for local artists worldwide. Our programs aim to reduce inequality in the creative industries

An international cultural organization that supports artists from underprivileged countries and addresses the social and political challenges of our time

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An international project consisting of film awards and training labs aimed at supporting filmmakers from the developing film industries

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Sport is way more crucial and less accessible for kids from remote areas and adults with a physical disability. To challenge this injustice, we started global programs aimed at increasing the inclusiveness and accessibility of sports for those who need it most

A non-profit initiative providing free football classes for children in small towns and remote areas

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Empowering the running industry to hold accessible and inclusive running events

My team and I will keep challenging injustice and empowering more communities as inDrive continues to grow. We have big plans

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Arsen Tomsky, CEO inDrive

Inclusive Drive

We're constantly working on making inDrive more accessible, so we've made in-app video tutorials for drivers about driving passengers with disabilities


One of our most exciting initiatives is Supernovas – a non- profit football project for children from small towns in developing countries. It's a safe space where we value openness and the game, not just scores and results

Local communities support

In all ways, big and small. We support local communities and vulnerable groups negatively impacted by economic crises and natural disasters