From Underdog to Global Company book

The true history of the technological phenomenon that is inDrive, as told by its CEO

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A compelling story celebrating the unyielding human spirit, the pursuit of dreams, and the power of human-driven tech.

This book drives you through the incredible chain of business and life choices made by inDrive CEO, Arsen Tomsky – an underdog from the remote terrain of eastern Siberia, who succeeded by challenging injustice in ride-hailing and beyond. Arsen's unique life path inspires readers from all over the world to take charge of their destinies, no matter what their backgrounds or circumstances.

With this book, my aim is to inspire readers to cultivate their potential and make a positive impact on the world, regardless of their circumstances. In my own journey, challenging injustices has emerged as a powerful catalyst in forging our extraordinary narrative.

Arsen Tomsky, inDrive CEO

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Arsen Tomsky serves as a true model for anyone living with stuttering. His personal and powerful message provides inspiration to those of us facing adversity and challenges.

Gerald Maguire, MD
Gerald Maguire, MD
Board Chair of the US National Stuttering Association

Entrepreneurs are heroes, especially those who break molds, create new businesses, and help provide for the livelihood of their teammates and partners. Arsen and his story are extraordinary. A super smart guy from the coldest place on earth — Siberia — is bound to see the world differently when he sets out to explore it. 'Inner Drive' is filled with inspiration and 'you must be kidding me' moments but the proof of success is in the rapidly growing company he continues to build in emerging markets around the world.

Mary Meeker
Mary Meeker
BOND Capital

"A compelling and moving account of what can be accomplished when someone focuses on the opportunities, not the obstacles. Arsen Tomsky's relentlessly creative and curious mind is coupled with a positive spirit motivated to drive positive change in the world, from Siberia to Latin America and Africa.

Jesper B. Sorensen
Jesper B. Sorensen
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Stanford University

The future of our world depends on those who create and develop solutions to address pressing global issues. A fairer world and future rest on the shoulders of individuals like these. The captivating story of inDrive, presented in this book, serves as an excellent, motivating example of a team that started from "below 0" in every sense, and achieved greater and greater things through a constant vector of positive impact on the world.

David Gorodyansky
David Gorodyansky
Founder of AnchorFree and creator of Hotspot Shield, the world's most popular VPN service.

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