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Do you need ridesharing services in Sydney?
Use inDrive! Our app is a unique platform for passengers and drivers who are well versed in the local streets. Our registered drivers will take you anywhere quickly, cheaply and comfortably
When you order a ride with inDrive
You set the price yourself. If a driver responds to you, it means that your offer is accepted. Alternatively, you can receive a counter offer. It is then up to you whether to accept or decline. Once you agree on a price, the fare will be fixed. With inDrive, you pay as much as you see fit for your rides around the city
We are not a traditional taxi company
Where every service is paid at a separate fare. Using our app, any passenger can directly negotiate with a driver. This saves a lot of time and money. Ordering a ride in Sydney with inDrive is a great way to save money without compromising convenience!

People stick with us because

Experienced drivers 
Cheap airport transfers
Safe and modern cars
High quality services

Like a taxi in Sydney but with fair fares

Most Sydney taxi companies operate based on outdated standards. They calculate the cost of every ride, taking into account numerous factors. It's impossible to negotiate with them to reduce the fare of their taxi services. Passengers pay for the arrival of the car, downtime in traffic jams, etc

We think this is unfair. Passengers have every right to set their own fares when calling a taxi in Sydney. Plus, drivers can decide if they are prepared to accept the proposed amount and destination or not. These are the 2 main principles of our platform

We believe every Sydney transport service should follow the same rules. This is beneficial for any passenger and experienced driver. The popularity of inDrive is a great proof of that. Our app is used by more than 150 million people. Download it now and see the benefits for yourself!

How to order a ride in Sydney

How to Hail a Ride in Sydney

Install the inDrive app on your mobile device

Download and install our app to hail a ride in Sydney. Please note that you'll need a valid phone number to activate it

Specify the start and end destination of your ride

Input your pick up location and your destination on the map.  Once you decide on the route, set the fare and specify any additional options if required. Hailing a ride in Sydney has never been easier!

Choose a driver and agree on the details of the upcoming ride

Wait for the car to arrive and start your ride. Our registered driver will take you to your destination safely and comfortably

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What Are the Best Destinations to Visit in Sydney?

There are places in Sydney that are frequented by tourists and locals alike. These are mainly attractions and major transportation hubs. Drivers using inDrive will quickly take you to any of them. Just order a ride with our app and begin exploring

Sydney Airport

This transport hub serves tens of thousands of passengers every day. After arriving, many of them order a taxi to Sydney. As for going to the airport, many travelers rely on airport transfers to catch their flights. In both cases, using inDrive can help save both time and money.

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the symbols of the city, and is widely known all over the world. Over 1,500 performances are held here every year. Renowned musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers feel honored when invited to perform on its stage. inDrive lets you order a ride to the Sydney Opera House in a matter of minutes.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge is another popular city landmark. If you want to see the largest steel arch bridge in the world, you should definitely plan for a visit. It offers a stunning view of the local harbour. Ordering a ride here with inDrive will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses and quickly get to the wonderful attraction.

The Sydney Tower Eye

The height of this tower is almost 310 meters! Needless to say, it offers an incredible view of the city. Looking down from the observation deck, you feel like a bird soaring in the air. Binoculars are available to anyone who wants to take a closer look at certain buildings. To get here as quickly as possible, open inDrive and order a ride to the Sydney Eye Tower.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga is a unique zoo located not far from the city. It is home to over 4,000 animals, including exotic ones. It's open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. According to the website, when you buy tickets online, you save up to 20%. By ordering a ride in Sydney with inDrive, you can save just as much or even more on your rides.

Sydney Taxi Fees

When you call for a taxi in Sydney, you pay for your trip according to its taximeter. The final fare is calculated taking into account 2 factors: time and distance. The fare also depends on the fee type: day, night, public holiday, etc. Finally, downtime affects the price
For example, if you order a taxi in Sydney from 06:00 to 21:59, your initial fee is 3.60$. 1 kilometer will set you back 2.20$. 1 minute of waiting is 0.80$. Fares may go up or down. Keep in mind that different taxi companies follow their own pricing policies.

Customer says

Ethan Wilson
Used the service for daily commute to work for a week. Consistently on time, polite drivers, and clean cars. Really reliable. Makes morning commute so much better.
James Kelly
Used the service to get to a concert. Despite heavy traffic, the driver knew his way around the city and got us there on time. Saved us from a lot of stress. Top-notch!
Isabella Smith
Had to rush to the airport today and wasn't sure if I'd make it on time. But the service was fantastic, the driver was already waiting when I booked. Smooth ride, friendly chat, and I got to the airport in no time. Highly recommended!


How do you order a ride in Sydney?

To order a ride in Sydney, download and install our app. The service will prompt you to register. Once registered, input the destination, set your fare, select a driver, and get riding!  

What is the main advantage of inDrive?

inDrive’s main advantage is that we aren't a regular taxi company. Our platform is something like a link between passengers and drivers. Passengers pay less for their rides, while drivers earn more money and don't worry about daily plans

What is the easiest way to get to the Sydney Opera House?

Just order a ride in Sydney with inDrive. It's hard to imagine an easier way. Just grab your tablet or smartphone and complete a few simple steps. Your car will arrive at the place you specified in no time

How much are rides in Sydney?

You set the cost of the ride yourself. On the other hand, if you offer too low a fare, your order is unlikely to arouse the interest of drivers. We're sure that after a couple of orders, you'll quickly figure out what fare to set