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inDrive is the best alternative to Gold Coast taxis! Our app helps passengers and drivers negotiate directly with each other. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of transport services.
We care about the safety of our passengers. Any driver who registers on our platform is carefully checked by our staff. Our app also has an emergency button and real-time location sharing. When you order a ride using inDrive, you travel around the city quickly and safely
Our service is widely known in Australia and beyond. In every country where our company operates, we adhere to the highest standards of support for our users and drivers. Experience our benefits now and forget about paying too much for your journey!

Cheap transfers to Gold Coast airport

Order a ride in 1-2 minutes
Low prices for rides around the city
Modern cars and pro drivers
Order your ride right now

Like a taxi in the Gold Coast but with fair prices

Regular Gold Coast taxis are fading into the past!

You are the one who chooses the best offer based on drivers` ratings and the numbers of previous rides which they completed

Our app takes passenger transportation to a whole new level

Using it, you set the price for your ride yourself. The same goes for your choice of driver – so you’re given complete freedom of action, unlike when using a regular taxi. Just download our app and see for yourself!

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How to get a ride in Gold Coast

How to hail a ride in the Gold Coast

Download our app from Google or the Apple Store

To start using our service, download the inDrive app to your tablet or smartphone. During registration, you'll need a valid phone number to receive an SMS with an activation code

Choose your ride route

When you open our app, you'll see a detailed map of the Gold Coast. You must follow 2 simple steps: set a route and specify a price. That's all

Select a driver.

The final step is to select a driver. Quite often, more than 2 drivers will respond to user offers. You can then choose the one that best suits your requirements

What are the most commonly visited destinations in the Gold Coast?

As in many other cities, the most visited places in the Gold Coast are local attractions and transportation hubs such as  the airport and train stations. Our registered drivers can get you to these popular destinations.

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport serves 6-7 million passengers a year, with numerous direct flights to Bali, Canberra, Seoul, Singapore and other destinations. This transport hub is located at the southern end of the city, about 60 miles from Brisbane. Its infrastructure is constantly improving due to growing demand.

Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers Paradise Beach is a wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun’s rays, while your children build sandcastles. The safety of vacationers is carefully monitored by experienced lifeguards. When you get tired of relaxing, visit the local shops or head to a restaurant for a delicious meal. When it’s time to go, simply order a ride with inDrive.

Burleigh Heads Beach

Burleigh Heads is another very popular beach in the Gold Coast, where people go to swim or surf. It's also an ideal place to relax with family or friends, and there’s a park alongside that’s perfect for a picnic. Don't feel like cooking your own food? Head to the local cafes where you'll be served delicious food in a friendly atmosphere.

Tamborine National Park

Australia has many national parks, including Tamborine. Take a walk in the forest and enjoy the birdsong – experiencing nature is more relaxing than any massage or meditation. While you’re there , be sure to visit Curtis Falls. The murmur of water will fill you with positive energy and help you forget the daily hustle and bustle.

South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island is 13 miles wide and 1.6 miles long, and is home to numerous wallabies. Don't forget to hide your food while you’re relaxing on this island, or the local wildlife may steal it. And don't be surprised if a wallaby comes to visit while you’re gathering around the fire in the evenings

The Gold Coast: Taxi fees

Taxi companies operating in the Gold Coast use taximeters. Ride prices are therefore calculated taking into account both the  distance and time taken – as well as  the time of day when you travel.
For example, if you call a taxi between 07:00 and 18:59, your base fee is about $3. If you get into the car later than the agreed time, you'll have to pay $0.80- $0.85 for each minute that the driver waits. Finally, every 1 kilometer you travel along the way is charged at between $2.15- $2.20

Customer says

Ethan Wilson
Used the service for daily commute to work for a week. Consistently on time, polite drivers, and clean cars. Really reliable. Makes morning commute so much better.
James Kelly
Used the service to get to a concert. Despite heavy traffic, the driver knew his way around the city and got us there on time. Saved us from a lot of stress. Top-notch!
Isabella Smith
Had to rush to the airport today and wasn't sure if I'd make it on time. But the service was fantastic, the driver was already waiting when I booked. Smooth ride, friendly chat, and I got to the airport in no time. Highly recommended!


Are taxis expensive in the Gold Coast?

Not if you use our app. The main advantage of our platform is that you set the price of your ride. Once you’ve agreed on an amount with your  driver, it doesn't change regardless of the distance and time spent on the road

How much is a taxi from Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise?

The average cost of a ride is $65-$70. when using a regular taxi company. Travel the Gold Coast with inDrive to save money! This will significantly reduce the cost of a comfortable ride.

Why choose inDrive over other transport services?

1. Fairly-priced rides
2. More than 150 million satisfied users around the world
3. Simple and convenient service
4. Fast and responsive user support
5. Plenty of professional drivers

Can I pre-book a ride?

No. We aren't a taxi service. With our app, you can book a ride on the spot in under a minute. Drivers are free to select which requests they’re willing to accept, while the passengers get to select who they will be riding with. It's a win-win situation, every time

Do you provide child seats?

Some drivers provide child seats. If you want to order a ride with a child seat, select this option during the ordering process. Make sure to indicate in the comments how many children are traveling with you, specify their age and any additional information which may be useful to your driver

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