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Do you want to order a taxi in Brisbane at a low price?
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Experience the highest quality our service offers, trusted by over 150 million passengers from 47 countries. Our simple and user-friendly platform is the best choice for getting around the city quickly and always arriving on time
We don't use fixed fares
After deciding on your destination, you can offer your own price and specify additional options, for example, a seat for your child. Also, after requesting a ride and proposing your fare, the driver who accepted it will pick you up in a modern and comfortable car in the shortest possible time, and drop you off in the specified location

People stick with us because

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Modern cars
Fair prices
Flawless service & Simple app
Quick pick-up service

Ride-sharing in Brisbane at fair prices

inDrive has a very important advantage. When you request a ride using our app, you don't have to worry about overspending. If a driver responds to your order, it means that the price you offered has been accepted.

Forget about ticking meters. In the age of the internet, dealing with inconvenient transportation services is becoming a thing of the past. There is no point in overpaying for your rides. Just install our app and use the best alternative to a taxi!

Every driver who has registered on our platform is well versed in the maze of the city streets. It doesn't matter where you are right now. A comfortable car will quickly arrive at your location, whether it’s the Gold Coast or Brisbane Airport. Drivers who use inDrive are ready to serve you in all areas!

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Download the app

Scan the QR code 
with your smartphone camera

How to get a ride in Brisbane

How to get a ride in Brisbane

Download and install the inDrive app

Install our app to book a ride online. The inDrive app is available on App Store or Google Play. The installation process will take no more than a couple of minutes

Plot a route and set a price for your ride

To start riding, open the inDrive app, enter your phone number and use the activation code. Select a city. In our case, it’s Brisbane. Then specify the From/To addresses and set your fare

Choose your driver and wait for the car to arrive

inDrive works around the clock. Our users can book rides in Brisbane on weekdays and weekends. Public holidays are no exception

What Are the Best Destinations to Visit in Brisbane?

There are many visit-worthy places in Brisbane popular with locals and visitors alike. Although they can be reached by public transport, a ride-sharing app is a faster and more convenient option. By order a ride with our app, you can travel to the following destinations quickly and hassle-free:

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport handles tens of millions of people every year. It serves dozens of domestic and international flights daily. The airport is one of the main city attractions. Life never stops here. It goes without saying that the professional drivers who use our platform also come here often to drop off or pick up their passengers.

The South Bank Parklands

The South Bank Parklands is a real find for outdoor fans. Visitors like to relax on the local beaches on the banks of a clean and picturesque river. If you feel like going on a picnic with your family or friends, you'll find many great places for a leisurely meal surrounded by nature. Don't like to cook? No problem! Have lunch or dinner at one of the local eateries offering excellent food

The Wheel of Brisbane

The Wheel of Brisbane is 60 meters tall. The higher you climb in one of its cabins, the more wonderful the view of the city is. This attraction has been in operation since 2008. Once launched, it quickly became popular among visitors. However, locals aren’t averse to go on a fifteen-minute adventure to enjoy the city from a bird’s eye view

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Like kangaroos, Koalas have long been one of the symbols of Australia. Interacting with these small and funny animals generates a lot of positive emotions. Along with cool marsupials, many other species live in this sanctuary: jumping kangaroos, proud kookaburras, multicolored lorikeets, ferocious dingoes, dodgy snakes, and menacing crocodiles.

The Museum Of Brisbane

At the Museum of Brisbane, you'll learn many interesting facts about the history of this glorious city. The Museum  often hosts exhibitions. The doors are open to visitors of all ages. The building is a landmark itself boasting original architecture that is definitely photo-worthy. Finally, it has an original architecture.

The Glass House Mountains

You can gaze at these majestic mountains endlessly. The greatness of these eternally sleeping giants is truly amazing. There are 13 mountains making up the Glass House Mountains, each unique in its own way. Some of the peaks have hard-to-pronounce names. Prominent examples are Tibberoowuccum and Miketeebumulgrai

The Queensland Gallery Of Modern Art

Want to admire the paintings of great artists like Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock? Be sure to visit the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art!  The gallery hosts exhibitions featuring some of the most recognized  contemporary artists. The gallery also holds various events during which attendees can chat with emerging and established artists

Brisbane taxi fees

Taxi fares depend on many factors, for example, the time of day. Sometimes companies increase prices for rides at night, as some drivers avoid working in the dark. The same applies to holidays, when finding an available car is quite difficult
If you get into a vehicle at a taxi rank, it rarely affects the price of your ride. But when you call a taxi to a particular place, the situation may change. Some companies charge a fee for pick up. Finally, fares are often increased for wait times or excessive fuel consumption.

Customer says

Ethan Wilson
Used the service for daily commute to work for a week. Consistently on time, polite drivers, and clean cars. Really reliable. Makes morning commute so much better.
James Kelly
Used the service to get to a concert. Despite heavy traffic, the driver knew his way around the city and got us there on time. Saved us from a lot of stress. Top-notch!
Isabella Smith
Had to rush to the airport today and wasn't sure if I'd make it on time. But the service was fantastic, the driver was already waiting when I booked. Smooth ride, friendly chat, and I got to the airport in no time. Highly recommended!


What are the benefits of choosing inDrive?

1. The app is free and easy to use
2. Significant savings on city rides
3. A vast selection of professional drivers
4. Ordering a car in under a minute
5. Additional options for even more comfortable rides
6. A service trusted by more than 150 million users

Do you offer shared rides?

We don't offer shared rides. But you can order a ride of 2 or more addresses and ride with a friend or other travel companions. We're always working on improving our app and adding new options that let you save even more on high-quality transportation services!

Do I pay a surcharge with inDrive during busy hours?

No! Our service doesn't use fixed fares. Passengers and drivers directly agree on the price of the ride. Let's say you're willing to pay 15 dollars. The driver who receives your offer can accept or reject it. Sometimes you may get a counter offer. This way, the cost of your trip isn't affected by factors like the time of day

Can I pre-book a ride?

No. We aren't a taxi service. With our app, you can book a ride on the spot in under a minute. Drivers are free to select which requests they’re willing to accept, while the passengers get to select who they will be riding with. It's a win-win situation, every time

Do you provide child seats?

Some drivers provide child seats. If you want to order a ride with a child seat, select this option during the ordering process. Make sure to indicate in the comments how many children are traveling with you, specify their age and any additional information which may be useful to your driver