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Why couriers choose us

Profitable orders

Offer your own price if you don't like the customer's initial offer

Accept orders when it’s convenient

Where and when you want

See the route before you accept the order

Deliver packages in your own vehicle or on foot

We are always here for you

24/7 in-app Support

Safety tools and emergency calls during your delivery

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How to get started

Download inDrive and register

Confirm your phone number and tap the ‘Driver mode’ button in the side menu. Register as a courier

Choose a courier request

Open the 'City' tab, above the request list enable notifications and choose a delivery order you’re willing to take

Offer your price

Choose a request by price, route and customer’s rating. Offer your own price if you want to

Rate your customer

After the delivery is completed don’t forget to rate the customer. This will help you and other couriers to pick the best requests in future