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M app installations

The app for profitable freight delivery

Your fare

You can offer your fare or accept a driver's offer

Transportation any cargo

Transport heavier items and things that take up a lot of space

Movers’ services

In the request form, you can choose the ‘Movers needed’ option

Businesses choose inDrive Freight

Intercity freight delivery

Send your cargo to other cities on your terms

Different vehicle sizes

Select a vehicle based on cargo size: from small to heavy trucks


We verify every driver’s basic info and documents in the app

How to get started

Download inDrive

Enter your phone number and confirm it with the code

Open Freight delivery

In the side menu, select Freight and fill in the request form

Offer your fare

Include movers’ work in the fare if needed. Drivers may offer a higher fare or accept your offer

Choose a driver

Accept a suitable offer. To discuss order details, call the driver